September 22/23 2017 – Hotel Kempinski, Berchtesgaden


Friday, September 22

  Welcome Anita Frauwallner, Graz
09:00 09:10 Welcome and Introduction Stefan Schreiber, Kiel
09:10 11:00 Introduction round  
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee Break
  Session I: Modulation of the microbiome and probiotic research Stefan Schreiber, Kiel
11:30 12:00 Establishment and modulation of the gut microbiota Karsten Kristiansen, Kopenhagen
Philipp Rausch
12:00 12:30 Taylored metabolomics approaches in probiotic research; from nutritional studies to bioactives Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin, München
Silke Heinzmann
12:30 13:00 Microbiome Association Studies in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis Andre Franke, Kiel
Louise Thingholm
13:00 – 14:00 Buffet Lunch
14:00 14:30 Exploring the Kazakh gut microbiome Kristoffer Forslund, Heidelberg
Falk Hildebrand
14:30 14:55 Autophagy and IL22 –a crucial liaison for intestinal barrier function and healthy intestinal microbiota Philip Rosenstiel, Kiel
  Session II: Microbiome and metabolism Vanessa Stadlbauer-Köllner, Graz
14:55 15:25 New aspects of microbiome and hormones Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch, Graz
Christoph Haudum
15:25 15:55 When pharmaceuticals meet the microbiome: conversion of drugs by microbes and the impact on human health Christine Moissl-Eichinger, Graz

Kaisa Koskinen

15:55– 16:25 Coffee Break  
16:25 16:50 role of microbiota in metabolism; dissecting causality and mine for new probiotic strains Max Nieuwdorp, Amsterdam
16.50 17.15 Tryptophan – Serotonin – Microbiome Dietmar Fuchs, Innsbruck
17.15 17.45 Metabolic Deficiency in IBD – Product of Disturbed Cooperativity in the Microbiome? Stefan Schreiber, Kiel
Florian Tran
19:00 Dinner at Le Ciel


Saturday, September 23

  Session III: Translation into clinical science Andre Franke, Kiel
09:00 09:30 Proton pump inhibitors and the microbiome: A dangerous liaison? Vanessa Stadlbauer-Köllner, Graz
Angela Horvath
09:30 10:00 Skin microbiome diversity in atopic dermatitis patients stratified for host genetics John Common, Singapore
Angeline Tay Su Ling
10:00 10:30 Role and therapeutic interest of the gut
micobiota in metabolic disorders associated to obesity and cancer
Laure Bindels, Brussels
Sarah Potgens
10:30 10:55 Microbial strategies for multigenerational health disorders Susan Erdman, Cambridge/Massachusetts
10:55 – 11:25 Coffee Break
11:25 11:55 Mycobiota and liver disease: Are intestinal fungi

important for progression of chronic liver disease?

Bernd Schnabl, San-Diego
11:55 12:20 Gut-Brain Axis and Cirrhosis Jasmohan Bajaj, Richmond
12:20 12:45 Genetics of irritable bowel syndrome: of bugs and carbs and peppermint Mauro D’Amato, Stockholm
12:45 13:30 Final discussion/closing remarks  
13:30 Buffet Lunch


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