Mag. Anita Frauwallner

Mag. Anita Frauwallner

For 30 years now, Anita Frauwallner has led Institut Allergosan, an Austrian company which carries out scientific research in the field of probiotic medicine in cooperation with numerous European universities.

Her declared aim is to lay the groundwork for a holistic medicine which is based on natural substances which treat the cause of illness and which can nevertheless withstand scientific examination in every respect.

The first ten years

Anita Frauwallner began her career at the University of Graz. After completing a degree in linguistics and her time as an assistant professor under Prof. Alfred Kracher, she followed her personal interest and dedicated herself to an in-depth training in natural medicine and research into the human microbiome.

As the owner of one of the oldest pharmacies in Graz, she – as a busy medical journalist – worked to establish the pharmacy as a centre for health and advice and to promote improved communication between doctors and pharmacies.

In the first ten years she ran the Institute out of purely personal scientific interest. From 2002, however, a major research programme in cooperation with two Dutch university clinics was established. This resulted in internationally acclaimed studies on the issues of multi-species probiotics for the treatment of diarrhoea associated with antibiotics and on the prevention of allergies during pregnancy.

Since this time, as a dedicated expert for gut health she has also been a consultant for natural laboratory medicine and has become a pioneer in the international networking of evidence-based research laboratories and doctors focusing on holistic medicine.

The subsequent years

In the subsequent years, Institut Allergosan in Graz became an international centre of excellence which, together with scientists from Austria and abroad, initiated and carried out more than 25 research projects for various medical indications – for new therapy options in the case of inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome as well as migraine, severe liver disease, diabetes and obesity, dementia sufferers and patients with stress-related conditions or a severe deterioration of their general state of health.

Since 2007, Anita Frauwallner has been the President of OePROM (Austrian Society for Probiotic Medicine), whose goal is to provide further training for doctors and pharmacists in the field of probiotic medicine and to initiate research in the field of probiotic medicine. In 2013 Anita Frauwallner was elected as the Vice President of the German Society for Probiotic Medicine (DePROM) and is responsible for the organisation of DePROM’s German Microbiome Conference as well as – since 2016 – for the Science Days of DePROM, at which the world’s leading scientists give lectures on and discuss their current research findings in relation to the bowels and their bacteria.

“I have found my calling – my life is committed to creating awareness for the importance of those billions of organisms in our bowels which we call probiotic. This word translates as “for life”, and I would like to add that it stands for a healthy life, with natural means which enable us to age with strength and dignity and without infirmity.”

Mag. Anita Frauwallner

Mag. Anita Frauwallner

The past ten years

In the past ten years, the committed businesswoman has succeeded in making OMNi-BiOTiC® into the market leader in Austria in the field of medically-relevant probiotics, and to even become one of the three leading OTC companies. The fact that the management of the company – which is stringent but always cares for the well-being of its staff – is well-respected even by major pharmaceutical firms is shown by the way Institut Allergosan is in demand as a cooperation partner at home and abroad. In this way, the institute has now been able to successfully establish itself in South Eastern Europe, Germany and Switzerland.

For 25 years now, as a charismatic speaker she has been travelling tirelessly in order to personally convince doctors and scientists at conferences and seminars of the importance of a healthy gut for every patient – and also for medical professionals themselves. Many top sportspeople also trust their knowledge and their ‘gut feeling’ when it comes to generating enough power and optimising their performance without damaging their bodies.

Apart from the success of her own institute, a commitment to those people who are affected by cancer is also an essential aspect for Anita Frauwallner. She not only supports research in this field, but also the family members of cancer patients via charity work, having experienced herself how painful it is to lose beloved persons to this disease.

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